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Solar NOC Renewal

  1. This service enables the consultants/contractors to obtain renewal of Solar NOC (previously issued), in case of suspension of work/delay in starting the work for six (6) consecutive months.
  2. This request must be applied within six (6) months from date of  Solar NOC expiry. In case of exceedance of six (6) months from date of  Solar NOC expiry, the permit is subject to request a Solar NOC and considered as fresh submission.
  3. This request must be applied for similar term(s) within six (6) months from the date of Solar NOC expiry for a maximum of three (3) times according to Local Order (3) of 1999 concerning Regulation of Construction Works in the Emirates of Dubai. In case of exceedance of maximum of three times for non-working, the permit is subject to request a Solar NOC and considered as fresh submission.
NOC Renewal FeeAED 265


  1. All above fees are inclusive of 5% VAT tax.
  2. Fees paid shall be non-refundable.
  3. Fresh fee application for any resubmission due to rejection.
  4. Etihad Energy Services reserves the right to change Fees Schedule without prior notice.


Applicant to submit payment to Etihad account as mentioned below:

Beneficiary Name :         AL ETIHAD ENERGY SERVICES CO. LLC
Bank Name :                    EMIRATES NBD BANK PJSC
Bank Branch :                  MAIN BRANCH, BANIYAS ST. DEIRA, DUBAI
Current Account No. :    1014775634201
IBAN No. :                        AE850260001014775634201
Swift Code :                      EBILAEAD

  1. Applicant to download the Solar NOC renewal checklist as listed from Related Documents section.
  2. Applicant to fill up the above document and submit to Etihad Energy Services attached with relevant approved documents, copy of expired Solar NOC and proof of Fee payment thru email:
  3. Applicant to submit the fees according to Fees Schedule provided in Fee details above.
  4. Application submitted without fees will be considered as rejected and return to Applicant.
  5. Receipt of application shall be considered in the following working day.
  6. Etihad Energy Services to update to Applicant within two (2) working days from date of receipt of application.
  7. Etihad Energy Services to coordinate with Applicant thru email:
  8. Application with incomplete submission shall be rejected and return to Applicant thru email, only application with complete submission shall be accepted.
  9. In case of submission rejection, Applicant to resubmit the application following up with procedure clause reference no 1 to 5. Any resubmission shall be considered as re-application.


  1. Etihad Energy Services is not responsible to offer any professional technical, engineering or other advices, is not liable for any damages, injuries, loss, substandard design, construction, building, installation, delay and for any negative consequences that may occur as a result of the structural design/work/performance given by Consultant/Contractor.
  2. Issuance of this Certificate shall not relieve any of the beneficiaries of this Certificate from their obligations / requirements to obtain any other authorizations from any government authorities / departments.