Performance Contracting and Funding Professional (PCF)

  • Next Session : 14 - 16 Apr 2020 | Exam: 18 Apr 2020
  • 2 Days + 1/2 Day Exam
  • British University in Dubai (BUID)
  • AED 15,000 (excl. VAT)
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    The Performance Contracting & Funding (PCF) is an AEE certification program that is focused and fast paced, and designed both to expand your knowledge in the performance contracting and energy project financing fields.

    Attendees will learn about new financing solutions and how to pick the best one for their needs. They will also learn the best practices approach to achieving their goals, and steps to take in order to avoid common pitfalls. Energy consumers participating in the course will be exposed to important new financing options, which will enable them to implement projects, thereby leading to saving more energy and related expenses.

    • Introduction
    • The Need for Performance Contracting
    • Laws and requirements
    • Financing/PC Design and Overall Concept
    • Client qualification
    • ESCO qualification
    • Project development strategies and contract templates
    • Financing Arrangement / Vehicles
    • Loans, bonds, leases, tax-exempt leases, PACE financing, on-bill financing
    • Characteristics that favor certain arrangements
    • Advanced life cycle cost analyses
    • Measurement and Verification
    • Guidance documents
    • IPMVP Options A, B, C and D
    • DOE guidelines
    • Cost-effective approach options
    • Contract Types and Terminology
    • Shared savings, guaranteed savings, power purchase agreements, utility energy service contracts
    • Energy service agreements / managed energy service agreements
    • Contract templates
    • Terms and conditions
    • Bonding requirements, termination clauses, reconciliation
    • Task order schedules

    Each applicant is required to attend AEE’s preparatory training program in order to sit for the exam and pass a 4 hour exam to obtain the certification

    4-year degree from an accredited university in engineering or architecture AND/OR Current status of CEM
    4-year business or related degree AND At least 3 years of experience in performance contracting or energy project funding or financing
    2-year energy technical degree AND At least 5 years of experience in performance contracting or energy project funding or financing
    No degree AND At least 8 years of experience in performance contracting or energy project funding or financing


    • Register for the PCF Training Program
    • Submit your completed application 
    • Attend the Training and sit for the exam 


    For information on maintaining your certification, please visit the AEE Certification Renewal webpage.

    • ESCO professionals
    • Facility Managers
    • Financiers