What We Do

TAQATI provides internal consulting and management support to DSM program owners to address the implementation challenges. We are committed to collaboratively supporting the DSM program owners to turn strategy into reality and to achieve Dubai ambitious goals.

Our mandate focuses on 6 key functions that enable and facilitate the implementation of the DSM program:



Drive DSM program implementation, through supporting the development of operational plans with program owners, monitoring progress, and reporting to and collaborating with DSCE


Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) of Energy Savings

Measure the performance and progress of the DSM Strategy through estimating energy savings and other performance indicators


Awareness Improvement

Improve awareness amongst key stakeholder groups on energy efficiency to build a culture of energy conservation and enable behavioral change


Capacity Building

Enhance public and private sector capabilities and knowledge on energy efficiency through training and professional development opportunities


Continuous Improvement and Special Projects

Support the continuous improvement of the DSM Strategy, track and anticipate risks to achieve DSM targets and define mitigation measures, including incubation of new ideas and projects that support the success of the Strategy


Financing Mechanisms

Support relevant public and private stakeholders to design and facilitate financing solutions to support the DSM Programs