How Do I Get Involved

  • I am a building owner who wants to make savings

    Etihad ESCO is the official Super ESCO organization established in 2013 as an initiative by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) under the leadership of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy to help foster a performance contracting market in Dubai in order for building owners to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings.

  • I am an Energy Services Company (ESCO)

    We strongly encourage ESCOs to participate in the tenders we are publishing regularly on our web site in the tenders section. We also suggest that you get your company accredited through the ESCO Accreditation Scheme of the Dubai Regulatory and Supervisory Bureau (RSB) as this will allow your company to be officially registered in the

  • I am a supplier of products or equipment

    As a supplier of products or equipment that improve the electricity and water efficiency of existing buildings you are free to contact us so that we can learn more about them.Etihad ESCO is buying comprehensive turnkey solutions provided by Energy Services Companies (ESCOs).

  • I am a bank or a financial institution

    As a financial institution or a bank you may be interested to finance the projects that we tender to ESCOs. Our projects provide attractive returns with limited payback time and minimum risks and will certainly be of interest to you. We recommend you contact us using the and we will get back to you quickly.