Measurement & Verification

In line with the expansion of its retrofitting services to drive sustainable development efforts in the UAE, Etihad Energy Services Company (Etihad ESCO) has established a Measurement and Verification (M&V) Centre at its office in the DEWA Sustainable Building in Dubai.

The M&V Centre will be a dedicated measurement and verification hub, which will deliver data centric, enterprise energy monitoring and management services powered by an Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP). Thus, the buildings in Dubai will further enhance the quality of retrofitting and energy conservation services provided by Etihad ESCO.

The M&V Centre will enable Etihad ESCO to fully harness the potential of emerging smart technologies and Big Data analysis to ensure valuable savings for its clients. Furthermore, it will help benchmark Dubai’s Demand Side Management (DSM) Strategy targets and objectives set out under the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030, which include reducing Dubai’s electricity and water consumption by 30 per cent by 2030. The increased integration of smart technologies into Etihad ESCO’s services supports the Smart Dubai 2021 strategy set forth by the government to promote adoption of technological innovations that benefit the city’s people; it’s economy; and resources.