Shams Dubai – Solar Certification

With the support of Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and RSB, Etihad ESCO now provides Solar Certification and the usage of its seal, to all industries and service companies which have installed a solar plant in their facilities under Shams Dubai program in order to showcase that they are utilizing renewable power as part of their business to support emission reduction prove the solar energy generation versus the energy consumption. Please see application guidelines and fees

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Etihad ESCO concedes a previous certificate after a proper inspection at site.

Etihad ESCO gathering all documents; Checking all documentation; Testing proper functioning Solar installation

Etihad ESCO certifies “Solar Certification”, based on the audit. Comparison of previous and current electricity consumption;

Solar Certification to be renewed every 3 years.

First CertificationAED 30,000.00
Renewal of Certification every 3 Years(*)AED 30,000.00


  1. The above indicated prices include the usage of the Solar Certification Seal.
  2. VAT not included.
  3. (*) In case certified company after 3 years won’t renew the certificate will lose the right to use the Solar Certification Seal. If the certified company will use Solar Certification Seal without prior consent from Etihad ESCO, a claim of 50,000 will be raised.