22 November 2023

Etihad Energy Services and SAGA International Collaborate to Advance Sustainable Initiatives in Dubai

Dubai, UAE: Etihad Energy Services is pleased to announce a collaboration with SAGA International, signing a joint initiative committed to promoting eco-friendly practices in Dubai and making progress in fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within the community. This partnership highlights the mutual dedication of Etihad Energy Services and SAGA International to promoting sustainable practices, signed during WETEX and Dubai Solar Show 2023, marking a significant step towards creating a positive environmental impact in the region.

Dr. Waleed Alnuaimi, Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Energy Services, expressed, “As we approach COP28, sustainability remains at the forefront of our agenda. Our collaboration with SAGA International underscores our unwavering commitment to sustainability and aligns with Dubai’s environmental objectives. This partnership serves as a demonstration of our dedication to driving a positive environmental influence, actively contributing to the realization of a more sustainable future for Dubai.”

The joint effort will focus on the Sulafa Tower project, which includes a single facility with 703 unit owners with the scope of work focused on implementing a managed energy service, specifically involving the deployment of a meter data management system and the retrofitting of the building. The anticipated impact includes substantial energy savings of 2.297 GWh (AED 1,010,889). The project also includes the installation of 811 BTU meters, 154 energy meters, and 39 water meters.

Samer Ganni, Managing Director of SAGA International, said, “We are thrilled about our collaboration with Etihad Energy Services. This initiative seamlessly aligns with our commitment to integrating green practices into our daily operations, enhancing efficiency, and reducing our environmental footprint. Through this partnership, we aim to reinforce our efforts towards creating impactful solutions that benefit both the environment and society at large, proactively aiding in the achievement of a more sustainable future for all.”

This collaboration highlights the dedication demonstrated by both Etihad Energy Services and SAGA International, serving as a role model for the advancement of sustainable practices. It marks a significant progression towards fulfilling extensive environmental objectives in Dubai, emphasizing the influential contribution of diverse sectors in driving initiatives for a greener future.