Policies & Procedures

Payment and Registration

  • Candidates are required to make the full payment or provide a LPO in order to complete their registration.Payment can be made online through a credit/debit card through the payment link sent to the candidate’s email address, bank transfer, cheque or cash
  • Payment must be completed at least 3 weeks before the course date
  • Candidates will receive a confirmation of their registration by email once their payment is received


Penalties and Refunds in Case of Cancellation by the Candidate

  • Training fees once paid by the Candidate are non-refundable
  • Registered candidates may opt to transfer to the next scheduled session up to 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the training program initially registered
  • Candidates who wish to withdraw from a training session for major circumstances such as loss of employment or traveling may receive refund as per the below:
   In Accordance of training date    Percentage for refund
   More than 4 calendar weeks to training date    100%
   3-4 calendar weeks    50%
   Less than 3 calendar weeks    0%

Refunds to Candidates in Case of Session Cancellation

  • In case of session cancellation by TAQATI, candidates will be notified immediately
  • Candidates can opt to receive a complete refund of all their training fees or transfer their registration to the next scheduled sessions:
    • Refunds for credit/debit card transactions processed online will be made to the credit/debit card within 2 weeks after the cancellation
    • Refunds for payments received in cash, cheque or bank transfer will be refunded by cheque within 2 weeks after the cancellation
  • The Training Provider is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the candidates beyond the workshop/training fees

Disputes and Complaints Resolution

Complaints are defined as any candidate concern regarding training services.

  • Candidate may file a formal complaint in writing and submit it to training@etihadesco.com
  • TAQATI will ensure that candidate complaints are addressed in an equitable, objective and unbiased manner, and that the candidate receives an appropriate response in a timely manner
  • No action will be taken in the case of complaints made anonymously.
  • Candidates shall not be disadvantaged for lodging a complaint in good faith. However, if a complaint is found to be malicious, the candidate may be restricted from participating in other trainings.
  • Complaints received more than 6 months after the event in question will not be investigated